Yorkville Asset Management

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Investment Philosophy & Process

Yorkville understands the dedication, hard work and emotions involved in building and saving wealth, whether for yourself individually, through a corporation, or a foundation. Through this understanding, we have been able to develop and successfully use risk management strategies to help our clients’ financial health. Yorkville is also well aware that lifestyle goals are equally important to maintaining comfort and focus for all our valued clients. With this, our organization is centered around the client experience through personalized service, education, networking, and our commitment to deliver exceptional customer service.

Our investment process is designed with a focus on preserving capital and delivering a consistent positive rate of return. The two proprietary tools developed at Yorkville, the Market Health Compass and the Quality, Valuation, and Risk (QVR) screening process, were specifically designed to manage the risk of the portfolio at the construction level and on a go-forward basis. These tools coupled with our core-satellite and risk management investment strategies are what help to add value to our clients’ portfolios.