Yorkville Asset Management

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Family Office

Yorkville introduces our family service offering, Opus Elite – an enhanced series of services for individuals who demand the best in lifestyle management. Complementing Yorkville's approach to wealth management, Opus Elite provides an à la carte series of services that help make the most efficient use of a client's most valuable resource – time.

Opus Elite quarterbacks the efficient deployment of trusted professional and corporate resources to meet unique needs of elite clients. Our personal and customized approach aims to give clients the confidence that their unique lifestyle goals are being taken of.

Estate & Trust Advisory Services

Family wealth planning is the cornerstone for effective wealth preservation. Yorkville can assist with your lifetime wealth planning, helping to manage, preserve, and transfer your assets. With an emphasis on multigenerational benefits, Yorkville has the necessary experience to help families with active business or passive investments.

The generational transfers of wealth and final contributions to society through charitable bequests are essential considerations in an individual’s life. Without proper estate planning, a significant portion of your assets could be unnecessarily lost to taxation, estate administration fees and probate fees, reducing your ability to leave a lasting legacy for loved ones and worthy organizations.

Yorkville uses its in-house expertise to develop and implement a tailored estate plan to help ensure your goals for your estate are achieved. We leverage our relationships with external specialists and welcome the involvement of service providers with whom you have a pre-existing relationship. As part of your estate planning team, Yorkville can help guide you through the estate planning process and provide you with the necessary financial products and services.

Concierge Services

Yorkville offers a global bespoke luxury concierge service to Opus Elite clients and their families. Through personal and proactive service, our Opus Elite clients have full access to our suite of offerings, ranging from bespoke travel packages, luxury lifestyle experiences, or something as simple as arranging care for their pets.

A sample of the services we offer include:

  • Life style experiences
  • Private boxes
  • Private jet coordination
  • Coordinated home service options

Philanthropy Services

Planned Giving is a natural extension of the wealth planning process for our clients.  Planned giving can offer many benefits to you, your family, and those in the local community or beyond.

Planned giving has the potential to provide a tax-efficient means to transfer wealth while supporting a cause close to your heart.

 Yorkville and our qualified partners in the tax, estate planning and legal community have a collective track-record of helping clients realize their charitable giving vision.

Yorkville works hard with our partners to ensure that clients receive the necessary tax and financial planning advice and strategies. Additionally, we work closely with our clients on tax efficient measures, specifically charitable donations. Additional areas of expertise include:

  • Charitable Trusts
  • Endowment Funds
  • Private Foundations
  • Scholarships
  • First Nation Treaty Rights

Family Dispute Resolution

Every family situation is different and whether a family controls an active business or perhaps an estate situation has occurred, Yorkville understands that unforeseen conflicts can arise. Yorkville stands ready to sensitively engage stakeholders with a unique approach to dispute resolution based on common sense and fairness.   

Yorkville helps resolve these family disputes by coordinating formal or informal mediation. Together with effective legal partners, we focus on alternative dispute resolution.  Our goal is to avoid costly litigation and help resolve client matters in an efficient, cost-effective manner.

Our approach starts by clearly defining economic and non-economic objectives, understanding key family dynamics, and identifying the nature of your property.  In all cases, our thoughtful contingency planning takes into account special circumstances such as blended families and unique and hard-to-value assets.