Yorkville Asset Management

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8th Annual Investment Forecast Series

 In February, Yorkville hosted our 8th annual Investment Forecast Series across Ottawa and Toronto. The events were well attended with affluent members of the community coming together to hear Hussein Amad, our President & CEO, provide our outlook of 2019. Below are the key takeaways:

  • Core to Yorkville’s investment philosophy is our continued investments in the global health care sector;
  • The Age of Intelligence (smart technology) is another core strategy;
  • Further investment into payment systems and regional US banks;
  • Satellite strategies include increasing investments in industrials (defence), infrastructure, shipping, China, and cannabis related to health care.

We also heard from a panel of Yorkville’s finest, discussing new and different investment opportunities available at Yorkville.

Thank you to our clients, friends, and family for their help in making each of these events a great success.