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Estate Planning

The generational transfers of wealth and final contributions to society through charitable bequests are essential considerations in an individual’s life. Without proper estate planning, a significant portion of your assets could be unnecessarily lost to taxation, estate administration fees and probate fees, reducing your ability to leave a lasting legacy for loved ones and worthy organizations.

Yorkville Asset Management uses its in-house expertise to develop and implement a tailored estate plan to help ensure your goals for your estate are achieved. We leverage our relationships with external specialists and welcome the involvement of service providers with whom you have a pre-existing relationship. Common estate planning goals include:

  • Efficient transitioning of assets
  • Leaving a lasting legacy through charitable bequests
  • Minimizing taxes and unnecessary fees
  • Establishing trusts
  • Ensuring future generations are financially secure, especially those with special needs

As part of your estate planning team, Yorkville Inc. can help guide you through the estate planning process and provide you with the necessary financial products and services.

Business/Personal Tax and Succession Planning

Yorkville’s team includes in-house tax experts, with the experience to develop tax minimization strategies tailored to your specific situation.

We can work with your advisors to develop and implement our suggested tax plans in an effective manner, including tax efficient investments, business structures and income splitting.

Our effective planning techniques provide succession plans designed to minimize interruptions to active business operations.

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