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This Week in Numbers - April 12, 2019

THIS WEEK IN NUMBERS - April 8 to 12, 2019

100 billion - Saudi Arabia's oil giant Aramco (the world's largest and most profitable company) received more than $100 billion in orders for its bond issue of $12 billion. This is set to be the largest bond in emerging markets, and one of just a handful of times that a company received more than $100 billion in bids for a debt offer.

40 - In an effort to stimulate growth and inflation, the Bank of Japan (BOJ) is now a Top 10 Shareholder in 40% of Japanese companies. The European Central Bank might follow the BOJ’s lead in the next recession and buy stocks instead of corporate bonds, despite the dismal results for Japan, where GDP is 1.6% and Inflation is 0.2%.

1.28 billion - Pinterest Inc., the maker of online inspiration boards, is seeking to raise as much as $1.28 billion in a U.S. initial public offering. This values the company at about $11 billion on less than $1 billion in sales.

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