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Hussein Amad's statement regarding embattled Canadian mortgage lenders


To all Yorkville Asset Management Private & Institutional Clients, Advisors, and Friends:


This is a quick note to let you all know that Yorkville does not presently have exposure to Canadian alternative mortgage lenders. Furthermore, we have a short to mid-term negative bias toward Canadian real estate.

Our concerns began three years ago and were driven mainly by ballooning consumer debt-to-disposable-income ratios that have reached an all-time high. This concern is compounded by sluggish employment growth and worsening salary growth across all provinces. The potential for the Bank of Canada to meaningfully raise interest rates in 2018, CMHC tightening their policies, and new banking and government rules could further squeeze the real estate market in many areas.   

We have concerns over indirect exposure that Canadian banks and insurers have to the real estate market and alternative mortgage lenders. We believe their exposure may be material enough to cause prolonged stock price declines. Further, we could experience a short term drop in Canadian Financials as this negative news may continue in the summer months. 

For this reason, Yorkville has reduced our equity exposure to Canadian banks and insurers in favour of cash. We choose to be cautious at this stage and sit on the sidelines ready to reinvest with the view to increase our exposure to Canadian banks once the dust settles.

I hope you take confidence that we have never had exposure to embattled Canadian alternative mortgage lenders, and our recent conservative actions are consistent with our practice of Managing Risk and Nurturing Wealth.



Hussein Amad





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