About Yorkville

Investment Philosophy

Capital preservation and growth of client wealth are the cornerstones of Yorkville Asset Management Inc.'s (Yorkville) investment philosophy. At Yorkville, every portfolio is managed with four key considerations in mind:

1. Every investor is unique. Only through ongoing, proactive engagement with clients can the right balance between the desired return and the risks assumed be achieved.

2. Continuous risk evaluation. Continually evaluating the risks associated with specific strategies and modifying risk exposure by studying each portfolio’s Value at Risk, Time under Water, Beta and various other volatility measures.

3. Proactive risk management. Proactive risk management starts with diversifying our clients’ wealth across a multitude of asset classes and securities. At Yorkville Asset Management, we take this a step further and apply more sophisticated risk mitigation strategies such as currency hedging, covered call solutions and principle protected notes.

4. Discovery through analysis. Seeking investments in companies that are managed by both reputable boards and strong senior management, exhibit sound business fundamentals and have a strategic advantage that cannot be easily replicated by their competitors.


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